2011. március 17.

Paddy Kelly - Unknown You

Unknown You

Only the light colours the universe, enflames the darkness in a rainbow ablaze
Only the dawn shimmers in the morning, a red-glowing sun at each brake of day
Only the moon, sovereign over the night, lays down in our dreams her star ridden crown
Only the sky lifts up our eyes and our best-hidden mumbles towards unknown love

Only the earth holds fast to the roots and sculpts in the clay your adorable face
Only the rain washes into the soil and makes life spring up among desert sands
Only the wind beats after the clouds, tumbles your hair like a lover so rough
Only the fire heats up my skin and leads my soul to the burning azure

Unknown You, Unknown You, who are You, where are You from?
Unknown You, Unknown You, do I look like You, do You look like me?
Unknown You, Unknown You, can we talk this through and take a walk?

Only the mountains pierce through the skies and the thunder-bolt spikes into hundred-year trees
Only the whale makes the ocean sing and the bird crosses the seas in ascending winds
Only the wild beasts perfume the woods, and the creeping things set the prairies in a nighttime symphony
Only life begets life to mystery, in a breath, in the dust

Unknown You, Unknown You, are You the Genius behind it all?
Unknown You, Unknown You, are You the Author of the Book of Life?
Unknown You, Unknown You, can I hear the secrets hidden in your heart?

Only Woman enlightens the world with beauty and grace and Man changes matter into a holy Place
Only friendship triumphs over storms and shipwrecks, and love makes our lips tremble with words and tender kisses
Only man and woman dance the dance of life and watch over the child of love
Only brother and sister implore fraternity, and the prodigal children give back hope to Mankind

Unknown You, Unknown You, are You the love I am looking for?
Unknown You, Unknown You, do You suffer too and are You happy, like me?
Unknown You, Unknown You, are You my friend and the father of us all?

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